Jennifer – 2013 Senior! {Madison, MS senior portrait photographer}

The other day, I had the pleasure of photographing Jennifer’s senior portraits. I’ve known Jennifer since she was little and had a blast photographing her.

We drove around looking for a good spot to shoot and came up on an open field (which there are plenty of in Mississippi). There were a few hay bales and the sun was behind us which was perfect for what I wanted to do as far as using my strobe outdoors.

Jennifer was awesome in front of the camera! She is also one of my senior representatives for the 2012-2013 school year for German Town High. I’m still looking for a few more seniors to be reps from different schools around the area. If you’re a high school senior and interested, email me at for information. I’ve got a few spots left available! You will have the opportunity to earn your senior portraits as well as get your friends discounts too.

Here’s some of Jennifer’s awesome images from her senior session.


My favorite model Laura!

Every so often when I want to just play around, I call Laura. She’s modeled for me quite a few times and always rocks the shoot.

We met at Belhaven while I was there studying photography. Now she’s about to graduate. She’s an amazing dancer and awesome in front of the camera.

We went out to the reservoir today and played around. My friend, Paul, who shoots came along too. We played around with flash and natural light.


Ashlee and Abby – spring session

Saturday morning I got to have some fun photographing my 2 sweet little cousins, Ashlee and Abby. It was a blast! They’ve grown so fast it’s amazing.

These 2 were a ton of fun and are so full of energy that it makes me wish I had their energy. Kids are always fun because you never know what to expect during their session. It’s fun to figure out what makes them laugh!


Candace & Mike – February 25, 2012

Every so often I get to work as a second shooter for another awesome photographer. I love second shooting because it is a completely different perspective on weddings and a lot of fun. However, I’m in love with weddings. So no matter what my roll is, I’m in my zone at weddings!

This wedding was held at a beautiful church in Jackson with the reception at Fairview Inn downtown. I love Fairview! It’s such a beautiful location for a wedding. The main photographer was Erik Umphery from Los Angelas. I really enjoyed working with him and getting to watch him do his thing. Photographers have the same job but the way each of us works is different. Erik is an awesome photographer, and I really enjoyed working with it.

Here’s a few of my favorites I shot!


Olivia & her sweet daughters




Olivia and I went to high school together. I got a chance finally to photograph her and her two precious daughters Kailey and Reagan. Like most kids, they were a little camera shy at first. Although, just letting them run around and explore got some great smiles!

Olivia, I had a blast getting to photograph your family. Your daughters are precious!

Amanda + Bryan! ENGAGED!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda and Bryan’s engagement. She won the contest for my recent engagement giveaway and is also the event coordinator for The Capital Club in Jackson. She spends her time planning beautiful events and now it’s her time to shine! Woohoo!

I copied her story from where she commented on the giveaway blog. Here’s her story!

“Never in my wildest dreams did this San Diego, CA girl imagine that she would be living in Mississippi and head over heals in love with her Rajun Cajun. At my college graduation party one of my friends brought her boyfriend’s ship mate to join the party. I had never seen a more handsome blue eyed sailor in my life. We had a great time all night, running around Dave and Busters, he was just so easy to be around. Of course as the night drew to an end there was no way I was giving this sailor my phone number. :) So he Facebook messaged me and we started to gradually hang out, he was a few months shy of getting out of the Navy and we faced a tough decision. I packed up everything in a u-haul and my two best friends and I made the rode trip out to Mississippi. Three years later while visiting my family back in SD this past Thanksgiving he took me to the beach where he had laid out a blanket, rose peddles and sparkling cidar. He made me the happiest woman on earth that day and everyday just seems to get better. The best things in life are the ones you never see coming.”

Through talking, she told me that she and Bryan both love big trees and old houses. The best place, local, was Canton! I love Canton!


I’m obsessed with this wall now! It’s a favorite spot for sure.

Everyone wants to be a kid again! The swing set was a blast. (We made sure it was sturdy before playing on it, better to be safe!)

We planned ahead of time to “shoot and run”. HAHA!! Most of these houses, I didn’t know who owned or how to contact them. So we took our chances and ran up to a couple of them, shot for about 5 minutes, then moved on to the next one. It was fun being a little bad! Lol!

Amanda and Bryan, you guys were great to photograph! I had a blast! I’ll have a lot more images for you soon.

The best of 2011 weddings!

I decided yesterday to revisit all my weddings from 2011 and pick my favorite images to post. However, it was extremely difficult to narrow it down. I had so many awesome couples this year and so many images to choose from. Here are several collages of just a few of my 2011 favorites!

Congratulations again to all my couples! I was really honored each of you chose me to photograph your wedding. I adore weddings and each one of yours was amazing!

Makayla + Justin = MARRIED! 9-10-11

I met Makayla and Justin last summer when they asked me to do their engagement images. I knew right off when I met them they were going to be a fun couple! I love when couples are playful and open to just being themselves. Everyone is nervous right before getting portraits done (heck, I’ve still got some nervousness before shoots too). However, once the couple loosens up, it’s all fun after that! Makayla and Justin are so awesome together and it shows!

I had a ton of fun shooting their engagement portraits!

Makayla’s bridals turned out great considering all the things that went wrong that day! My location I had chosen called me an hour before my shoot and said I couldn’t photograph there. Talk about being in a panic! It was pouring outside, and I NEEDED an indoor location. Luckily, with a little bit of stress and sweet talk, a hotel in Ridgeland allowed me to shoot in their lobby. WOOHOO! It was a gorgeous lobby (but I can’t tell you where because that was the only stipulation to them letting me shoot there).

Then came THE WEDDING! It was beautiful! The location was Cedar Grove in Jackson. It was my first time shooting there, and now, it’s one of my favorite places. Makyala and Justin surprised everyone too by actually dancing down the aisle! LOVE IT!

Look at Justin go! He sure knows how to dance!

Ring shots have always been one of my favorite things to photograph at weddings.

I loved the emotion they shared with each other. It really made some beautiful images!


I wish the 2 of you all the happiness in the world as you start your lives together!


New domain & email

Through the process of changing my business name, I am also changing several important things. My new domain will be I have forwarded my old domain ( to the new one. So if you type in the old one, it should route you to the new one soon.

The downside to changing my domain name is that I’m loosing my current email ( So if you have that email saved, it’s about to obsolete. There was really no way to save it. Once my domain name has changed, I will be able to go into my website and create a new email. Once I get the new domain switched over and create a new email I’ll let you know what it will be.

I hope everyone is having a great week! God bless!


Chad + Libby = MARRIED!!

I met Chad several years ago when I started working at Best Buy. We worked together for quite a while in the camera department. It was back when I first started in photography, and Chad was also getting into photography. We had kept in touch over the years and yesterday, he married the most awesome woman in the world, Libby.

I remember joking around several years ago and telling Chad he better not go with anyone but me for his wedding. Of course, I wasn’t being serious. I understand that I’m not the right photographer for everyone. So I was extremely excited when Chad texted me telling me he was getting engaged and wanted ME to do the pictures! I was so excited.

Anyways, I’ve spent a little time with Chad and Libby, and they are so perfect for each other! God really knows what he’s doing with these two. Yesterday they were married at the gorgeous Vineyard church on Lakeland. Then as a surprise to Chad, Libby planned to go to Cup’s in Brandon where she and Chad first realized there was something more between them. I showed up to surprise Chad and got some awesome shots of them having coffee and soaking in the excitement of their big day.

I hope you both have a blast in New Orleans!! Congratulations again! I’m so happy for you two.