Triston & Morgan… BABIES!

One of the best parts of my job is getting to photograph other people’s adorable babies! I love kids (and can’t wait to have my own)!

This past Saturday, I drove to Como, MS (a little over 2 hours north of me) to photograph my friend Brittany’s son. It was so worth the drive!

Brittany & I met the semester I was at Delta State. At the time I was engaged & planning a wedding. Shortly after college, she & Jonathan got engaged and married. On halloween, they welcomed sweet little Triston into the world. He’s so adorable and full of personality already! I know they are excited and loving this new chapter in their life. I appreciate her trusting me in creating memorable portraits of her beautiful 3 week old!

You’ll be shocked but he actually held his head up in the image below. However, it lasted about 5 seconds. It was just long enough for me to get a couple good shots of him looking up at his mommy!

I also did a shoot last night. This was the 3rd time I’ve got to photograph sweet Morgan. She just turned 1! I invested in a pink background and the shoot turned out awesome. So I’m posting a sneak peak from her shoot as well!

This was towards the end of her shoot. Mom had one more outfit but she was getting tired. I realized that she was fascinated with mommy’s purse. So we put the purse and her on the background and let her play. The shots turned out great!

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W.T. & Christy – November 13, 2010

So over the weekend I had the honor of photographing W.T. & Christy’s wedding. I love this couple!! They’ve been so much fun and so sweet since day 1 of meeting them. (Their engagement shoot was a blast!)

So the wedding day came. Their wedding took place at the awesome Presbyterian church on Lakeland. I’ve shot their twice before. Back in August when I did a wedding, I had gotten an amazing shot of a bride using window light! So I had planned for 2.5 months to do this shot again with my new bride. They have since remodeled the church and added on. It’s absolutely beautiful! (It was before but the add on is awesome!) The bride was almost ready to go when I decided to check and see if there was enough light coming through that window (cloudy day). I walked into the church and was shocked! The window and the wall where I had shot that image were gone! So I ended up with a once in a lifetime shot at that image. It’s also the image I’m using on my Premier Bride ad for 2011.

So here’s a few samples from W.T. & Christy’s wedding plus the first image is the image from the August wedding before the remodel.

W.T. & Christy, CONGRATS! Have fun on your honeymoon!

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I’m published!

It’s not the first time, but this is the biggest project I’ve worked on so far.

My husband and I attend St. Columb’s in Ridgeland. The wonderful ladies, Dennie & Debbie, decided to create a St. Columb’s calendar for 2011. I was so excited when they asked me to do the images for this awesome project. The images consist of detail shots of our new Nave that was finished in December 2009. Here’s some quick shots of a few months in the calendar. I’m so excited over this and was thrilled to be a part of it!

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Ellie + Grant = 10-9-10

Today, I had the honor of photographing Ellie & Grant’s wedding. It was awesome!!

There’s a cool story behind Ellie’s wedding. My soon to be sister in law got me into twitter last year. I didn’t like it at first (still on the fence). After a while, learning how to do it, she started suggesting people for me to follow. Along the way I began following iEllie. I followed her for 6 months roughly. I met with her mother a few months ago to book her daughter’s wedding. Her mom told me she big into social media. So, of course, as soon as I got home, I looked her up on facebook. I found out then it was iEllie!!! I had been following her for months reading about her wedding plans. I was ecstatic!

So finally the day came! TODAY! Their wedding was amazing. It took place at St. Richard’s in Jackson. The church is absolutely beautiful, and the wedding was perfect. We had a blast, and they were an awesome couple to work with! So here’s a small sample from their wedding.

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Christi’s senior sneaks!

Yesterday, I met up with a high school senior that chose me to mentor her on her senior project. I’m super excited about her project because she is exploring the difference between film and digital photography. I’m so excited because so many people have never shot with film, and I honestly believe that film is such an art form compared to digital (even though I shoot digital mostly, I’m working on getting back to my film work.)

Here’s some sneak peaks from her senior session yesterday.

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Addison’s 1st birthday!

I got the chance yesterday to photograph a 1st birthday party! I absolutely LOVED it. I got to photograph sweet little Addison at 6 months old. She’s grown and changed so much in just 6 months. She is such a doll, and I got TONS of great images at her first birthday party. Here’s a sample!

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My 1st blog!

Woohoo! Shots by Sheryl is officially blogging!

I’m super excited to have a blog. I’m currently working on my website and a blog seems to be a great asset for every professional photographer.

WordPress seems to be super easy. I think I’m really going to like this.

Well it’s August 11 and I’m offering half off portrait session fees through August for those interested in portraits. Plus check out my facebook page below. I’ve got a great event scheduled. Check it out.

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