Ellie + Grant = 10-9-10

Today, I had the honor of photographing Ellie & Grant’s wedding. It was awesome!!

There’s a cool story behind Ellie’s wedding. My soon to be sister in law got me into twitter last year. I didn’t like it at first (still on the fence). After a while, learning how to do it, she started suggesting people for me to follow. Along the way I began following iEllie. I followed her for 6 months roughly. I met with her mother a few months ago to book her daughter’s wedding. Her mom told me she big into social media. So, of course, as soon as I got home, I looked her up on facebook. I found out then it was iEllie!!! I had been following her for months reading about her wedding plans. I was ecstatic!

So finally the day came! TODAY! Their wedding was amazing. It took place at St. Richard’s in Jackson. The church is absolutely beautiful, and the wedding was perfect. We had a blast, and they were an awesome couple to work with! So here’s a small sample from their wedding.

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Published by Sheryl Lynn Lester

I fell in love with photography when I was a kid. It's always captivated me. I started working at a photo lab and started shooting at 18. I'm a hybrid photographer (film & digital). I'm a Christian, and a mom to 3 kids. I'm an avid crafter in my spare time.

2 thoughts on “Ellie + Grant = 10-9-10

  1. Thank you so much! You were fantastic today. Grant even said it was like I had a fourth bridesmaid! You were a huge help and so much fun to work with. And the pictures look amazing!!!!

    1. Awww thanks!!! I love weddings so much. It’s such a special day and I just love getting to be there for all my brides. Your wedding was amazing!! Thank you for sharing it with me!

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