New name

For about 6 months or so I had been playing with the idea in my head about changing my business name. I really do love Shots by Sheryl, but as I have grown, I feel my business has too. Saturday morning, I finally decided to change my business name from Shots by Sheryl to Sheryl Lynn Photography. I’m really excited over this change! I think it’s a great move for my business.

It will take quite a while to get everything changed over. For a while, I will still be known as Shots by Sheryl too. So you will be seeing a lot Sheryl Lynn Photography (formerly Shots by Sheryl). So far, I’ve changed as much as I could find online as far as business listings. If anyone finds a listing that has not been changed, feel free to email me a link to it, and I will change it.

I’ve purchased a new domain and will have it active soon. Plus I will have a new blog address as well. Once the new domains are actives, my old ones will be linked to the new ones. So, if someone types in my old domain, it will still go to my website but my new domain will appear in the web address bar.

I also got a preview yesterday of my new logo. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait to show it to everyone soon. So be on the look out for lots of new things coming soon!

Check out my new Facebook page. The old one will be up for a while but I will be posting mostly on the new one.


Jennifer – Senior

I have recently decided that my poor blog is getting ignored because Facebook has become a blog of sorts for me. Now, I’m going to start blogging before Facebook-ing. This way, my awesome blog doesn’t miss out on any attention.

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of doing Jennifer’s senior portraits. It was a blast, and I’m glad she enjoyed it too. She was great to work with and together, we got some great some shots.

Here are some sneak peaks from her session Saturday.

Brandi + Luke = together forever!

All I can say is, I LOVE Brandi & Luke! I’ve known Brandi for years. We worked together at Sam’s Club in photo center. Boy that takes me back! It takes me back to the days when I first started realizing my call in life. It was a time when God began showing me the direction he wanted me to take. It started long before Sam’s but that time there really got me going. It was so fun and interesting dealing with film machines, processing film, printing peoples images,  (and yes, I’ve seen some crazy pictures, ha!). Ok, I went way off subject.

I’ve know Brandi for years. I consider her one of my best friends. She was in a terrible accident 6 years ago and is a very lucky girl to still be here. I remember going to visit her at her grandmother’s. She wasn’t allowed to get out of bed but when I walked in the door, she was walking. I was shocked! Years later, she met Luke. Luke is amazing. He’s in the Navy. Luke and Brandi are definitely soul mates. I was honored when they asked me to photographed their beach wedding in August 2009. I was honored and ecstatic! I had been dying to do a beach wedding.

Recently I did a shoot for them as a married couple. They wanted some fun new images of them together. The shoot was a ton of fun! They were patient with me as a dealt with the sun too. So here’s a few sneaks from their session and my all time favorite shot from their wedding!

P.S. Ignore the ugly old logo! I pulled the image off my flickr account instead of digging through my files and creating a new image with my current logo. My logo has come a long way in the last few years.

I loved that they did hawaiian inspired outfits. They just recently spent some time in Hawaii and had a beach wedding. It definitely fits them!

Here’s a fun out take! We were playing around at the reservoir. She was trying to push him in.

Brandi’s model shoot

Brandi was an awesome model for me. I finally got the gear to take my 580 ex ii off camera. I have been pretty excited! However, nasty weather for a couple weeks has prevented me from doing what I wanted. Finally, the weather has cleared up (I’m thoroughly enjoying it!), and I got to play.

We went out to the reservoir for me to try out my 580 ex ii off my camera for once(FINALLY!). I’m like a 5 year old at show-n-tell. I’m so giddy over new possibilities that I think I might be annoying some people. HAHA! Sorry guys.

Keep in mind, this was my first time playing with a lighting set up outdoors. I know I have some areas to work on but I’m really excited over the outcome. I know practice makes perfect. Being critiqued by people I trust is definitely a plus. I know my flaws, and on the next shoot, I shall improve!

The goal for this shoot was to shoot in direct sun and at sunset. I have to admit, it’s NOT easy like I thought it would be. Trying to over power the sun with a small flash is quite challenging. I loved it though! I’m always up for something new.

The Johnston’s

I had the honor of photographing for my friend LauraBeth and her husband Brian. They have a very handsome 4 year old son named Carter. Last week they welcomed their second son, Frasier. I went to school with LauraBeth and Brian, and it’s so fun seeing her with such a beautiful family. I just want to congratulate them again on their new addition. Thank you for allowing me to come to your home and photograph your family!

Here’s a sneak from their session! Frasier was only 7 days old when we shot but we managed to capture a smile!

Maredith – SENIOR!

Maredith is so sweet. I’ve been mentoring her on her senior project this year which involves photography. Yesterday we went to downtown Jackson to shoot her senior pictures. Here’s a few! Also, Tuesday afternoon we are going to do her studio shots with some new equipment I’ve ordered. I can’t wait!!

2010 highlights!

So I decided to do a best of 2010. Well I guess it’s a 2010 highlights (I’ll title it that). These are just a FEW of my favorites from this year. I would post all my favorites but I don’t want to flood my blog wall with over 100 images. LOL!

So here they are, 2010 favs!!

WT & Christie’s wedding (Nov 13, 2010). I shot this one from the balcony. I LOVED her train and really wanted to show it off.

A shot from Sara & Josh’s wedding (May 29). One of the bridesmaids was taking her picture and it caught my eye.

Another from Sara & Josh’s wedding. This couple rocked! They are so into each other and have so much personality.

My all time favorite part of a wedding is ring shots! Every wedding is different and every ring is different. I love doing ring shots because it takes me out of the norm and into being creative. I can do anything I want with rings and the options are endless. I’ve never had to ring shots the same. (And much thanks to Vickie who tagged along, she held the bouquet while I shot the rings.)

Marlene’s dress. I love this shot! It was the first time I had a canon 5d mark ii in my hands with a 24-70L on it. I LOVE the combo. This dress shot was a little complicated but turned out amazing. You can’t see it but outside the window was an ugly air conditioning unit, cars, and an oak tree. So I had to expose to wash out the background but without washing out her dress. The outcome was successful!

This shot is from Kristin’s wedding on August 28. I’m excited over this shot because I finally started venturing outside of relying on a flash and started working with natural light again. This was shot using window light (window was above my head behind me).

Another natural light from Kristin’s wedding.

This was one of Karen & Chris’s shots. They had just seen each other before the wedding and it was completely candid. I love how natural it is!

Debra & Joe were an awesome couple. (All my couples are awesome, in their own ways.) I drove to Monticello for the wedding that was small and took place at a nice little park.

The ring shot from Martha & Chandler’s wedding on October 30.

A shot of Martha. I love using the sun as a source for flares.

Triston & Morgan… BABIES!

One of the best parts of my job is getting to photograph other people’s adorable babies! I love kids (and can’t wait to have my own)!

This past Saturday, I drove to Como, MS (a little over 2 hours north of me) to photograph my friend Brittany’s son. It was so worth the drive!

Brittany & I met the semester I was at Delta State. At the time I was engaged & planning a wedding. Shortly after college, she & Jonathan got engaged and married. On halloween, they welcomed sweet little Triston into the world. He’s so adorable and full of personality already! I know they are excited and loving this new chapter in their life. I appreciate her trusting me in creating memorable portraits of her beautiful 3 week old!

You’ll be shocked but he actually held his head up in the image below. However, it lasted about 5 seconds. It was just long enough for me to get a couple good shots of him looking up at his mommy!

I also did a shoot last night. This was the 3rd time I’ve got to photograph sweet Morgan. She just turned 1! I invested in a pink background and the shoot turned out awesome. So I’m posting a sneak peak from her shoot as well!

This was towards the end of her shoot. Mom had one more outfit but she was getting tired. I realized that she was fascinated with mommy’s purse. So we put the purse and her on the background and let her play. The shots turned out great!

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W.T. & Christy – November 13, 2010

So over the weekend I had the honor of photographing W.T. & Christy’s wedding. I love this couple!! They’ve been so much fun and so sweet since day 1 of meeting them. (Their engagement shoot was a blast!)

So the wedding day came. Their wedding took place at the awesome Presbyterian church on Lakeland. I’ve shot their twice before. Back in August when I did a wedding, I had gotten an amazing shot of a bride using window light! So I had planned for 2.5 months to do this shot again with my new bride. They have since remodeled the church and added on. It’s absolutely beautiful! (It was before but the add on is awesome!) The bride was almost ready to go when I decided to check and see if there was enough light coming through that window (cloudy day). I walked into the church and was shocked! The window and the wall where I had shot that image were gone! So I ended up with a once in a lifetime shot at that image. It’s also the image I’m using on my Premier Bride ad for 2011.

So here’s a few samples from W.T. & Christy’s wedding plus the first image is the image from the August wedding before the remodel.

W.T. & Christy, CONGRATS! Have fun on your honeymoon!

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I’m published!

It’s not the first time, but this is the biggest project I’ve worked on so far.

My husband and I attend St. Columb’s in Ridgeland. The wonderful ladies, Dennie & Debbie, decided to create a St. Columb’s calendar for 2011. I was so excited when they asked me to do the images for this awesome project. The images consist of detail shots of our new Nave that was finished in December 2009. Here’s some quick shots of a few months in the calendar. I’m so excited over this and was thrilled to be a part of it!

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