Brandi’s model shoot

Brandi was an awesome model for me. I finally got the gear to take my 580 ex ii off camera. I have been pretty excited! However, nasty weather for a couple weeks has prevented me from doing what I wanted. Finally, the weather has cleared up (I’m thoroughly enjoying it!), and I got to play.

We went out to the reservoir for me to try out my 580 ex ii off my camera for once(FINALLY!). I’m like a 5 year old at show-n-tell. I’m so giddy over new possibilities that I think I might be annoying some people. HAHA! Sorry guys.

Keep in mind, this was my first time playing with a lighting set up outdoors. I know I have some areas to work on but I’m really excited over the outcome. I know practice makes perfect. Being critiqued by people I trust is definitely a plus. I know my flaws, and on the next shoot, I shall improve!

The goal for this shoot was to shoot in direct sun and at sunset. I have to admit, it’s NOT easy like I thought it would be. Trying to over power the sun with a small flash is quite challenging. I loved it though! I’m always up for something new.

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