W.T. & Christy – November 13, 2010

So over the weekend I had the honor of photographing W.T. & Christy’s wedding. I love this couple!! They’ve been so much fun and so sweet since day 1 of meeting them. (Their engagement shoot was a blast!)

So the wedding day came. Their wedding took place at the awesome Presbyterian church on Lakeland. I’ve shot their twice before. Back in August when I did a wedding, I had gotten an amazing shot of a bride using window light! So I had planned for 2.5 months to do this shot again with my new bride. They have since remodeled the church and added on. It’s absolutely beautiful! (It was before but the add on is awesome!) The bride was almost ready to go when I decided to check and see if there was enough light coming through that window (cloudy day). I walked into the church and was shocked! The window and the wall where I had shot that image were gone! So I ended up with a once in a lifetime shot at that image. It’s also the image I’m using on my Premier Bride ad for 2011.

So here’s a few samples from W.T. & Christy’s wedding plus the first image is the image from the August wedding before the remodel.

W.T. & Christy, CONGRATS! Have fun on your honeymoon!

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