Amanda + Bryan! ENGAGED!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda and Bryan’s engagement. She won the contest for my recent engagement giveaway and is also the event coordinator for The Capital Club in Jackson. She spends her time planning beautiful events and now it’s her time to shine! Woohoo!

I copied her story from where she commented on the giveaway blog. Here’s her story!

“Never in my wildest dreams did this San Diego, CA girl imagine that she would be living in Mississippi and head over heals in love with her Rajun Cajun. At my college graduation party one of my friends brought her boyfriend’s ship mate to join the party. I had never seen a more handsome blue eyed sailor in my life. We had a great time all night, running around Dave and Busters, he was just so easy to be around. Of course as the night drew to an end there was no way I was giving this sailor my phone number. :) So he Facebook messaged me and we started to gradually hang out, he was a few months shy of getting out of the Navy and we faced a tough decision. I packed up everything in a u-haul and my two best friends and I made the rode trip out to Mississippi. Three years later while visiting my family back in SD this past Thanksgiving he took me to the beach where he had laid out a blanket, rose peddles and sparkling cidar. He made me the happiest woman on earth that day and everyday just seems to get better. The best things in life are the ones you never see coming.”

Through talking, she told me that she and Bryan both love big trees and old houses. The best place, local, was Canton! I love Canton!


I’m obsessed with this wall now! It’s a favorite spot for sure.

Everyone wants to be a kid again! The swing set was a blast. (We made sure it was sturdy before playing on it, better to be safe!)

We planned ahead of time to “shoot and run”. HAHA!! Most of these houses, I didn’t know who owned or how to contact them. So we took our chances and ran up to a couple of them, shot for about 5 minutes, then moved on to the next one. It was fun being a little bad! Lol!

Amanda and Bryan, you guys were great to photograph! I had a blast! I’ll have a lot more images for you soon.

Published by Sheryl Lynn Lester

I fell in love with photography when I was a kid. It's always captivated me. I started working at a photo lab and started shooting at 18. I'm a hybrid photographer (film & digital). I'm a Christian, and a mom to 3 kids. I'm an avid crafter in my spare time.

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