Windsor Ruins & a road trip

Back in February 2017, my bestie (Brook) and I decided to take a day to go shoot like we use too. We went to Belhaven together, studied photography together, went to hell and back together. We went on a journey of finding ourselves as photographers.

Since graduating though, real life has set in and our once weekly road trips ended. So we hopped in the car one Saturday with 8-9 hours to ourselves and no location for our GPS. We just hit the road driving and listening to music. After a few google searches, we finally decided on visiting Windsor Ruins near Port Gibson.

This is such a haunting place. It’s amazing seeing these giant columns standing so alone in now the middle of nowhere practically. It was quiet, remote, and just so interesting. The massive oak tree (I think it’s oak), was massive to say the least. It had broken recently which made it all the more interesting. I threw in one of a house we found along the way too.

So here’s just a few of the images I have scans for. I shot these with my trusty Canon AE1 that got me through college. She’s my baby. I shot these images on Fuji 200 film.

Hope you enjoy.


2 Comments on “Windsor Ruins & a road trip

    • I have in the past. It’s been a while though and a lot of the ones in my area have since been boarded up.

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