Chris + Jackie = Married! {Jackson, MS Wedding, Sheryl Lynn Photography}

This gorgeous couple just celebrated their one year anniversary!! I loved this couple. They’re so sweet and cute together.

They had a gorgeous wedding with planning done by Kendell Poole Ellis. Hair was done by Molly Gee. The flowers were done by Wendy Putt. Their gorgeous reception was at the Old Capital Inn in Jackson. I so wish we could do this wedding all over again. It was an amazing wedding! IMG_0005 copy IMG_0013 copy IMG_0019 copy IMG_0031 copy IMG_0041 copy IMG_0043 copy IMG_0045-2 copy IMG_0056-2 copy IMG_0063 copy IMG_0073 copy IMG_0086 copy IMG_0115 copy IMG_0146 copy IMG_0147 copy IMG_0152 copy IMG_0160 copy IMG_0165 copy IMG_0169 copy IMG_0171 copy IMG_0193 copy IMG_0200 copy IMG_0205 copy IMG_0209 copy IMG_0215 copy IMG_0221 copy IMG_0249 copy IMG_0261 copy IMG_0272 copy IMG_0287 copy IMG_0300 copy IMG_0313 copy IMG_0332 copy IMG_0497 copy IMG_0514 copy IMG_0549 copy IMG_0559-2 copy IMG_0578 copy IMG_0595 copy IMG_0618 copy IMG_0634 copy IMG_0691 copy IMG_0698 copy IMG_0718 copy IMG_0751 copy IMG_0765 copy IMG_0766 copy IMG_0795 copy IMG_0803 copy IMG_0807 copy IMG_0813 copy IMG_0824 copy IMG_0828 copy IMG_0835 copy IMG_0862 copy IMG_0875 copy IMG_0890-2 copy IMG_0891-2 copy IMG_0915 copy IMG_0923 copy IMG_0925 copy IMG_0943 copy IMG_0960 copy IMG_0968 copy IMG_0980 copy IMG_1001 copy IMG_1032 copy IMG_1046 copy IMG_1075 copy IMG_1087 copy IMG_1095 copy IMG_1118 copy IMG_1153 copy IMG_1155 copy IMG_1171 copy IMG_1173 copy IMG_1220 copy IMG_1232 copy IMG_1273 copy IMG_1274 copy IMG_1283 copy IMG_1319 copy IMG_1343 copy IMG_1380 copy IMG_1412 copy

Published by Sheryl Lynn Lester

I fell in love with photography when I was a kid. It's always captivated me. I started working at a photo lab and started shooting at 18. I'm a hybrid photographer (film & digital). I'm a Christian, and a mom to 3 kids. I'm an avid crafter in my spare time.

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