Tonja & Eric’s Maternity session


I had sooooo much fun with Tonja, Eric, and Lily! They always crack me up. Lily is usually coming up with poses, while Eric is always making us laugh.

Normally I don’t do maternity sessions but I just couldn’t tell this gorgeous family no. HA! They’re so easy to photograph and after doing their post wedding session, I just couldn’t wait to shoot them again. Baby Rowen will be here in August! Eric will have a house full of pretty ladies! 🙂

I told you Eric is a goofball! Hopefully he doesn’t hunt me down for posting the image of him, but I love it! 2 IMG_3394 IMG_3401 IMG_3461 IMG_3468 IMG_3477

Published by Sheryl Lynn Lester

I fell in love with photography when I was a kid. It's always captivated me. I started working at a photo lab and started shooting at 18. I'm a hybrid photographer (film & digital). I'm a Christian, and a mom to 3 kids. I'm an avid crafter in my spare time.

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