Tonja & Eric’s post wedding session

I posted a couple of months ago online looking for a couple to model in their wedding attire. When Tonja and Eric messaged me, I jumped for joy! All of my couples are awesome but if you want to meet two people who are truly perfect for each, this is them. They totally rock!

We had a blast shooting these. I was playing around with using two lights on a session. It’s something I haven’t dealt much with and wanted to explore. (However, as always, I shot some natural light too.) I feel like the results are just awesome. You can do amazing things with just one light, but throw in a second and my mind is blown!

I took them to a few of my favorite spots. Sorry, I won’t say where 😉 ! I call one of them my secret spot even though it’s not secret. It’s in plain site if you know where it is or if you look at your surroundings a little closer. In the ones with lights, I was playing around with backlighting and lighting my subject as well as trying to use the sun to my advantage or completely over powering the sun when possible.

So here is the awesome Tonja & Eric. They totally rocked their post wedding session. Also, Carl was a great grip! (A grip is a photographers assistant who carries equipment, holds lights, sets things up, and takes things down. Thank you for all your help Carl!)

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