Casey + Jimmy finally MARRIED! Cornerstone, Brandon MS {Sheryl Lynn Photography}

Casey and I have been friends for several years now. I was sooooooo excited when she told me she was getting married and even more excited that she asked me photograph her special day.

She and Jimmy got married at the Cornerstone Club house in Brandon, MS. I love that place. It had great lighting, beautiful big windows (which photographers really like), and just perfect scenery. She and Jimmy actually tied the knot in Jamaica on the beach and a small wedding here for family. It was so perfect.

So here is Casey and Jimmy! IMG_1427 IMG_1438 IMG_1450 IMG_1505 IMG_1546 IMG_1596 IMG_1606 IMG_1614 IMG_1684 IMG_1848 IMG_1862 IMG_1900 IMG_1902 IMG_2031 IMG_2062 IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2113 IMG_2135 IMG_2161

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