He’s ONE! {Sheryl Lynn Photography, Madison MS}

Our sweet little boy turned one Monday. Over the last year, I’ve taken a portrait of him each month. Some of the months show what milestone he met that month. It’s so neat to look back over these images and see how much he changed!

Month one (left), he started showing facial expressions. Month 2 (middle), he started smiling. Month 3 (right), he was hold his head up well. He had been trying to hold his head up since two months but got good at it around 3 months.


Month 4 was his baptism. Month 5 (my absolute favorite), he started sitting up on his own. Month 6, he didn’t really hit anything major. I just had him in an outfit I bought him.


Month 7, was another outfit I bought him and was Thanksgiving. He had started teething big time that month. Month 8 (middle), he started crawling EVERYWHERE! Haha! Month 9 (right), He started walking and wasn’t too fond of clothes.



Month 10(left), he got his first tooth. Most people ask why I didn’t edit out the drool stain. Because that was him! He was covered in drool. To me, it signifies his first tooth! Month 11(middle), he learned he could go outside and that’s pretty much where we stay. The final image is his one year portrait. I made a custom filter to create “1” in the background with some lights.10-11-12mo

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