Ashley + Troy – The Lake House Ridgeland, MS

Ashley and Troy were so awesome. They were married on April 23 at The Lake House in Ridgeland. The place is gorgeous with incredible lighting. It was a perfect day for a beautiful water front wedding, and they were stunning. I’m so happy for y’all and wish you many years of blissful marriage.

Your full wedding gallery is now live online at under proofs. IMG_1919 IMG_1929 IMG_1948 IMG_1979 IMG_1985 IMG_2008 IMG_2035 IMG_2052 IMG_2064 IMG_2091 IMG_2105 IMG_2123 IMG_2128 IMG_2143 IMG_2156 IMG_2162 IMG_2218 IMG_2260 IMG_2296 IMG_2306 IMG_2308 IMG_2350 IMG_2475 IMG_2632 IMG_2676 IMG_2760 IMG_2830 IMG_2940 IMG_2997 IMG_3026 IMG_3078

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